She died in her sleep.That incongruous fact should not be taken…

She died in her sleep.

That incongruous fact should not be taken to mean she died peacefully or of natural causes. No, Natalie Seline’s death came at the hands of those who she had led in life: people of faith, Priests who once served the Holy Light and sought to defeat the Orcish Horde. Yet in their hunger for dark power, they chose to murder their teacher and claim her most powerful relic for themselves. And why would they not?

Natalie Seline had stepped from the Light and into the Shadows many, many years before her death, and that relic her fellow Priests stole from her was Xal’atath. The cursed claw of darkness taught her the mysteries of the Void and the powers of Shadow, yet Seline never fully succumbed to the whispers as did many of those who followed her path. For this crime, she was struck down by her own.

Know Your Lore: The Life and death of Natalie Seline