Lianne Menethil, Queen of Lordaeron, and her husband King…

Lianne Menethil, Queen of Lordaeron, and her husband King Terenas had two children — Princess Calia Menethil and Prince Arthas Menethil. Arthas was heir to the throne, and his childhood was as close to idyllic as possible. He was born four years before the First War between Humans and Orcs ravaged the Kingdom of Stormwind and sent refugees fleeing north.

Arthas grew into young manhood surrounded by those affected by the wars. His childhood friend was Varian Wrynn, the heir to Stormwind and presumptive King after the death of Llane. His tutor in combat was Muradin Bronzebeard, a hero of the Second War and ambassador to Lordaeron from Khaz Modan. And the Prince was taught in the arts of the Knights of the Silver Hand by Uther the Lightbringer himself. If anyone could be said to have a golden childhood, touched by greatness without  having had to suffer the losses, it could have been said to be Arthas Menethil.

Know Your Lore: The promise of Prince Arthas Menethil