Nothing forms a bond quite like family. And no other family has…

Nothing forms a bond quite like family. And no other family has been quite as high-profile as the Windrunners. Each of the Windrunner sisters has experienced what could be considered a uniquely tragic history. Yet all three share similarities that continue to haunt them to this day.

It’s not often that we see true blood-related families in Warcraft lore. Of course we have royal situations, like Varian and Anduin, or Genn and the rest of the Greymane clan. But typically these family situations tend to focus on one person over the other. Genn has a much larger story focus than his wife or daughter. Varian and Anduin tended to trade the spotlight, coming together briefly to share a clash or two before heading off to their own separate questlines.

Outwardly, the Windrunner sisters appear to have done the same. But their stories echo one another, and as a whole, they paint a family picture the likes of which we don’t often seen in Warcraft.

Know Your Lore: The Windrunner sisters

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