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Ever since I saw a Tumblr screenshot a few days ago, I’ve been of the mind that Genn Greymane is following Sylvanas around everywhere with frying pans and a bottle of vodka and banging the pans together to get her attention. It is for this reason that I request a Genn/Sylvanas inspired TFLN. Is this feasible? Much thank in advance! <3

I will do my best to honor your vision!

Was I the only one who swooned vicariously when they saw Saurfang in the Battle for Azeroth cinematic? Heck, was I the only one who NOTICED Saurfang in the Battle for Azeroth cinematic?

Are we sure that was Saurfang? Was he just not using cleave, and that’s why all the Alliance were still standing by the end of it?

Gratz on getting the Horseman’s Mount!!!

Thank youuuuu! <3

Dat Khadgar wig doe. Are you dressing up as Khads for Hallow’s End?

I don’t have the cheekbones to pull off Khadgar, sadly. I just happened across the wig while gathering Hallow’s End supplies and knew I needed to share it with the world. 

I really love Vigilant Quoram. Something with Quoram and Archmage Y’mera, please? Thank you! x

Sounds good to me! 

*clears throat* Illidan and Velen? Or rather, Velen’s eternal war with Illidan’s consistent dickheadery? Ty!

It’s the newest sitcom hitting the airwaves this fall! 

am I the only person who nearly choked on her own lustful saliva when she saw turalyon?

1) You are not alone, and 2) with damn good reason.

Talgath, perhaps? He’s got a lot he’s probably salty about.

Demons are natural salt mines, it is known.

Funniest WoW memory?

Well, there’s this one here, but also memorable is the time back in Wrath (most of my best WoW memories are from Wrath, now that I think about it, but anyway) during Hallow’s End. I always get nervy doing PvP stuff by myself, so we put together a group of some guildies to do that “stink bomb Southshore” quest they used to have. And then we took over Southshore for like an hour and a half. Just holed up in the inn and pelted everyone with stink bombs.

Also there was that time I got stuck in the ceiling of the Storm Peaks, couldn’t fly down to get unstuck, and eventually glitched so hard I got dismounted and plummeted to my death. Fun times.

How do you feel about Lasan Skyhorn? Personally, I think it’s nice to have a bloodthirsty, war-happy lunatic on our side, for once, who also has demonstrated a soft spot for puppies.

I fucking adore Lasan. Headcanon time: He says he doesn’t like murlocs, but he abso-fucking-lutely does. Especially the babies. He is secretly delighted when the shaman champion introduces him to Morgl the Oracle.