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Patch 7.3 has arrived, and with it a new faction — the Grand…

Patch 7.3 has arrived, and with it a new faction — the Grand Army of the Light. While we’ve seen evidence of the Army on Azeroth, only now have we encountered the majority of its forces. Over the course of 7.3, we ally with the Army, becoming members in our own right. Velen once had a vision of a grand united army of all of Azeroth’s races. It looks like that vision is coming to fruition.

As far as roleplay goes, you can choose to incorporate Argus if you like. You can also choose to ignore it, and focus on your character’s life on Azeroth. But there’s a third option here as well. What if you wanted to roleplay a member of that Grand Army? Not a recent addition, but someone who has been with the Army all along? What would that character look like?

Roleplaying a member of the Army of the Light

Every now and again, you run into mentions of larger-than-life…

Every now and again, you run into mentions of larger-than-life characters in WoW. Major lore figures that held considerable significance in Warcraft’s story, but don’t actually appear in game. More often than not, it’s because these characters are deceased — Anduin Lothar, Terenas Menethil, Uther the Lightbringer, the list goes on.

But one of the most enigmatic groups of mysterious figures was a question mark in history. Their presence, however, could not be ignored. Their statues lined the entrance to Stormwind, each marked with a plaque that declared they were “presumed deceased.” When we traveled through the Dark Portal in Burning Crusade, we found most of this heroic group, but not all. High General Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner were absent, their location a mystery.

It’s a mystery that lingered on through another four expansions after Burning Crusade. Many players wondered: Where was Turalyon? In Legion, we finally have our answer. But why is Turalyon so important — why were people so fascinated with finding him in the first place? For that, we have to go back to the Second War.

Know Your Lore: High General Turalyon